Filming and Production

Including both professional video and photography services, our services include straight transfer of images to disc as either a jpg file or playable DVD Video format

Images creatively packaged into a fully worked production, with titles, music and subtle effects to enhance the flow - playable on DVD video format.

From a collage of images put together for loved ones to a special presentation for a business conference or a corporate production, or short film clip, we can do it!

For best results, we colour correct all scanned images (except 8mm film) to minimise the degradation that occurs in images over time. Once a few titles are added and music to uniquely tailor the program to your needs, we then sit you down and offer a free viewing to make sure you are completely happy with the results. It is at this stage that we can make any minor changes.

In addition to your package we also offer a specially designed personalised slick insert and printed DVD-R.

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